Paint the Plains

As artists with deep ties to Eastern Colorado, we are on a mission to bring awareness to the life and culture of our home. We are here because of Colorado’s agricultural and pioneering heritage. Our communities are families who live a life of skills and trades inherited through generations, who are struggling to survive, yet resilient, self-reliant and supportive to neighbors, persevering through limited resources and lack of services. Our mission is to create murals on the grain elevators which are the lighthouses of the plains, to depict the life and culture we are seeking to preserve. Our work on this project embodies the spirit of the Plains.

Murals build visual and emotional bridges to all who see them, creating awareness and discussion in every onlooker. The murals will expose and educate through the images depicted, showcasing cultural integrity, communal meaning and evoke an emotional experience. These murals inspire hope in our communities. We will show our population that they are valued, necessary and supported. These murals will encourage visitors/tourism to our small towns, further creating awareness through experiencing each location.

We want to provoke conversion between urban and rural residents about Colorado produced food, the importance of agriculture and the value of the Plains in our State. Through exposure and education we begin to bridge the gap of inequality, building a common ground of understanding and respect.

Heart of Harvest, Limon CO

Some Girls and a Mural has fiscally partnered with the Colorado Prairie Arts and Music Council (CPAM) to bring this mission to fruition.  CPAM as a non-profit will handle all donations to ensure fiscal transparency.

Flagler Cooperative Association has joined in to support this mission, by granting the use of their grain bins as the canvases for these murals.

The High Plains Bank of Flagler is leading the way to start the ignition of this movement. All checks and cash can be made out to or deposited to the High Plains Bank P.O. Box 158, Flagler, CO 80815.

Donate today and help make Paint the Plains happen!

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