Audrey Sayles and Staci Beauford make up the group of mural artists known as Some Girls and a Mural.  They spent their childhood alongside their grandparents and parents as they worked to earn a living from the land, and it made these women believe they could undertake a 60 ft tall mural on a grain bin for their first project, ”Heart of Harvest”.

The buzz on social media from that first mural with 129k views and 5k likes in 24 hours showed the need for art in their rural communities and the agriculture community at large. Coverage from “Next with Kyle Clark”, “The Denver Channel”, Successful Farming, The Fencepost, High Plains Guide, Limon Leader and Eastern Colorado Plainsman has amazed these small town ladies.The support and imagination of the locals keeps plenty of unique canvases under their brushes. Since 2018, the group has been asked to paint over 20 different works of art ranging in size from a large wind turbine blade to a small book return at the library.

The dream at the heart of the company is to tell the story of the Eastern Plains of Colorado on the canvas of the white grain elevators that guide travelers on I-70 to the Rocky Mountains. They call their dream “Paint the Plains”.

About the Artists

Audrey Sayles and Staci Beauford collaboration as Some Girls and a Mural.

Audrey Sayles is an artist and co-owner of the mural company Some Girls and a Mural. Along with her cousins, Audrey is on a mission to “Paint the Plains” to tell the story of rural Colorado.

Growing up in a small town never held her back from following her dreams. After going to college on a basketball scholarship, she left for Virginia where Audrey pursued a degree in teaching. She traveled abroad, loved the East Coast, but her heart always drew her back home to Colorado where she taught K-12 P.E., and social studies, while completing her masters in education. After teams years though she is now able to completely devote herself to Some Girls and is a full time artist.

Outside of education and painting, Audrey loves working on her home, golfing, and photography. You can also find her harvesting for her dad and spending time with her family, especially her grandparents and nieces and nephews. She can be reached on Facebook and through [email protected]

Audrey Sayles and Staci Beauford collaboration as Some Girls and a Mural.

Staci Beauford is an artist and co-owner of Some Girls and a Mural. The group of artist creates murals across the Eastern Colorado Plains telling the story of the rural communities.

Before starting a mural business, Staci worked in inventory supply, but her true passion was creating art using salvaged barnwood, rusty metal and acrylic paint to be sold at local farmers’ markets. Dreams of painting murals on old barns became more of a reality then she ever expected when the first mural the group completed resonated across the rural and agricultural communities.

Staci enjoys heirloom gardening, raising bees and chickens and canning any local produce she can find for her family. She can be reached on Facebook and through [email protected]