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Heart of Harvest: Limon, CO

Kelly Family Mural: Limon, CO

Limon Heritage Museum: Limon, CO

Limon School Mural, partnered with Limon STUCO: Limon, CO

Hugo Town Welcome Sign, Hugo, CO

Limon RV Park-Wind Blade- Limon, CO

Kissel Pond Bottle Cap Mural- Limon, CO

Don Morrison Tribute. Stone Oil- Limon, CO

Grandma and Grandpa’s Barn- Seibert, CO

Edison School Mascot- Edison, CO

Limon Public Library and Book Drop- Limon, CO

Flagler COOP/C-Store- Flagler. CO

Faces and Places

Herman’s- Seibert, CO

Kit Carson County Fairgrounds, Burlington CO

Superior Builders- Limon, CO

Puppies in the garden- Hugo, CO

Lincoln Theater (formally the Cactus Theater): Limon, CO

Seibert Welcome Sign by Steel Corner: Seibert, CO

Beard and Lady, Chester AR

Burlington Library, Burlington, CO

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